David Shriver

David Shriver, Mickey Jones, Trini Lopez, The Beatles, Fender Bass

The Passing of David Shriver

 UPDATE April 18th

The David Shriver Memorial Concert and

 Jam Sessions

It has been confirmed that the Memorial Music Show in David Shriver's memory will be held at the Kit Carson Restaurant and Banquet Room in  Chehalis Washington on May the 6th, from 1 until 6 pm. Immediately following this event , everyone is invited to the Limit Bar & Grill in Centralia for an " After  The Memorial Jam - Memorial Jam " from 7 pm until 10.

Members of the Backfire Band and the Bruce Maier Band will be co-hosting a spectacular music event which will bring hundreds of local, regional and  national fans and friends to the area for an entire afternoon and evening of music and memories!

David had many musician friends in Western Washington who will be volunteering their talents and some will share their thoughts and favorite stories of their personal adventures with Dave. On hand will be Blues Attitude from Olympia Washington who have been hosting the longest running Blues Jam in America - Eleven Years, each and every Wednesday night! Dave Shriver seldom missed the Jam and was considered an icon among professional and apsiring Blues artists in the area. Although he never really thought of himself as a Blues man , David , in his ever-changing and evolving musical abilities was just as at home in the Blues lineup as he was with bands like the well-known Rich Wetzel and the Groovin' High Orchestra, a 17-20 peice pro Jazz, Latin and Fusion group from Tacoma or the Johnny Lewis Big Band of Olympia.

David will be remembered in song , laughter and maybe even some dancing on May 6th from 1 pm until 6 pm at the Kit Carson and then from 7 until  10 pm at the Limit Bar & Grill .

Now...here's a little about Da vid Shriver's life!

David, or Dave as he was known to many, started out life in Indiana but moved to Los Angeles California when he was about six years of age. He had many wonderful years in his youth growing up among the many sights, sounds and smells of  East L.A. and, like many kids rode his bicycle all over the region. Sometimes Dave and a couple of his buddies would ride up to the San Gabriel mountains and go camping. He said " one blanket, a loaf of bread and some bologna and sleeping out under the stars in the high hills was camping at it's finest ! "

Fast forward a few years found David Shriver as a handsome, dressed for success musician playing the upright Bass and a little later, one of the first to play the electric Fender Bass guitar. An exceptional musician, David met the rapid rising Eddy Cochran and traveled the country playing Rock and Roll to sold out theaters and dance pavillions everywhere! Upon Eddy's untimely death in 1960 over in England, David Shirver had to move on and keep on rocking. He had become very well known in studio circles across the country and in a short time the new group he was with, The Kelly Four  were selected to back up another new hot sensation - Trini Lopez from Texas. For the next thriteen or so years, David played all over the world with Trini. Their home base was Paris, France and they lived on the road, traveled extensively with and became great friends with The Beatles. In the worn photo below, a young David Shriver, sitting on top of the musical world is seen with his fiends, John, Paul George and Ringo. This writer once came across a picture of Dave and Ringo Starr in front of the Empire Hotel on a bench and I asked Dave what was the significance of the picture; he said " Ringo and I were fishing buddies " ! Yes fishing buddies but there were so many more stories that would just blow your minds, like David playing on the Ed Sullivan show several times, playing with Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and even having his image on the cover of Ebony magazine with Sammy while they were taping a TV special.

Years of playing the headline rooms at  Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami, Paris, London. You name it, David was there. He has circled the globe at least three times and played to millions of people everywhere. Yet, David Shriver is this very nice man who moved to western Washington state back in the 1970s, raised a family, started multiple successful businesses and became a close friend to thousands of people in the place he would finally call " home ". Active in The Johnny Lewis Big Band, The Olympia Symphony and various groups and combos, David in his " after-Hollywood " life was one of the busiest musicians in the region.

( much much more to come!)